Rediscovering a lost medieval English family

My first proof copy of Volume OneIn the early 1400s, everyone in England knew the name Rochford. Family members were among the leading knights of the realm.

Yet today, all that survives are a few old place names, some muddled local histories, and very little else. The story of this family has been a mystery for half a millennium.

My aim is to unravel that mystery. Over the years I have collected thousands of pieces of primary evidence about the Rochfords. I have used these to reconstruct their story, from the 1100s until their final days in the time of Henry VIII. And on this site, I am sharing it all.

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Volumes One and Two draft covers together

Volume One tells the story of the family through biographies of eighteen principal members. Available as PDF or web edition.

Volume Two contains all the source material, citations, working notes, etc., from my research. Available as PDF.

Charts & Maps

Thumbnail of the genealogical chart of the Rochfords of Fenne and Stoke Rochford

One huge genealogical chart, or a number of smaller ones, showing thirteen generations of the family from the 1100s to the 1500s, with coats of arms and illustrations. Also a few maps from the book showing various places associated with the Rochfords.

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Image Library

Pictures of monuments and effigies, coats of arms and heraldic artefacts, buildings and landscapes, etc., most of which are also included alongside the text in the book.

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