Map of the area around the Rochfords' homelands at Fenne and Scrane

Map of the Rochfords’ homelands at Fenne and Scrane

This map is my attempt to map the area around the Rochfords’ homelands at Fenne and Scrane, roughly as it was in medieval times. The different colours of land are the different parishes, each with a main settlement near its centre. The coastline and boundaries are based on Ordnance Survey maps of the early 1800s – they probably changed a little over the years.

Fenne Chapel was in existence as early as the 1100s, in the time of Ralph of Fenne, but it disappeared after the 1500s, and today the site is occupied by the Ball House Inn.

Pecche or Peachy Hall was presumably the site of the manor house of Sir Ralph de Rochford II of Fenne’s local nemesis, Lucy Pecche, in the late 1200s. It is now the site of Peachy House, Church End Road, Freiston.

Rochford Tower, meanwhile, was built around 1460 by Henry Rochford of Fenne, and is still standing today. It and the nearby Benington Tower (which is now called the Hussey Tower) were built in the mould of Ralph, Lord Cromwell’s famous Tattershall Castle, albeit on a much less grand scale.

Download a larger version of this map here


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