My name is Nick Nettleton. The purpose of this site is to share my research into a medieval family, the Rochfords of Fenne and (later) Stoke Rochford, and related families.

The photo above is of a plaque on the door to the wonderful (if rather cramped) Muniments Room at Westminster Abbey. My research has involved many hours in places like this!

The book

The main output of this research is a book, Rochford of Fenne and Stoke Rochford. It is in two volumes.

The first volume, subtitled The Rise and Fall of an English Family, 1066-1550, gives a narrative account of the family from their earliest to their last days. It has sixty-plus illustrations.

The second volume shares all the source material (mostly primary evidence) that I have collected for this history. This is so others can verify my work, and also use it for their own research.

I am making each volume available in three formats:

  1. Online, here
  2. As a free PDF eBook for readers to download and read on screen or print (you are welcome to print a copy for your library)
  3. An official printed and bound edition, intended as gifts for public libraries and contributors (if that is you, please get in touch)

I will use the blog to share aspects of my research that do not appear in the book – space, time and readability all mean there is lots of fascinating material that did not make the cut.


If you want to cite this work in your own research, you could use a format like one of these:

Nettleton, Nick, Rochford of Fenne and Stoke Rochford, two volumes (privately published, London, 2016)

Nettleton, Nick, “[Title of page]”, Rochford of Fenne and Stoke Rochford (online edition, accessed [date], [web address])

Copyright and Licensing

Creative Commons LicenseI am making this site and the book (in all formats) available under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Feel free to use and adapt my original text and imagery, even for commercial purposes – but you must share-alike, attribute the original to me, and link back to the source material. For example, you could write this:

Adapted from “Rochford of Fenne and Stoke Rochford” by Nick Nettleton, licensed under CC-BY-SA-4.0.

Rights in many of the images I have used belong to other sources. In some cases these are licensed under Creative Commons, in other cases they are not. Wherever appropriate I have gained permission for their use and noted this in the accompanying text. If you want to re-use images published here, please consider carefully in each case whether you need to go back to the owner to get permission first. I cannot be responsible for this.

Errors and omissions

No undertaking such as this could ever be complete or error free. Please do share with me your knowledge and corrections.