Source Material

This section forms a compendium of source material I have collected during my research into the Rochfords, together with commentary and discussion of its interpretation. It is intended as an aid to those who wish to dig deeper into the evidence behind the story of this remarkable family, and make use of it for their own work.

The bulk of the material can be found in the below PDF. It consists of some 1,200 original records culled from sources as diverse as chancery rolls, property deals, court cases, wills, surveys and more. These have been transcribed, translated and abstracted where appropriate, and are organised in a traditional calendar format.

There is also a wealth of evidence about now-lost villages, buildings, monuments and stained glass windows extracted from the writings of antiquaries such as Gervase Holles, and Francis Blomefield.

Download Source Material PDF

Online transcriptions

I am also gradually adding original transcriptions and edited collections to read directly online.

Feet of Fines


Private Deeds & Charters